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12/13/2015Rev. Kenneth Scarborough A Life Living Recipe for Christmas
Christmas with Grace Luke 2:25-38
7:30 Am Worship service
Download 04_A_Life_Living_Recipe_for_Christmas.mp3
02/14/2016Pastor Evan Burrows 3000 Babies
Living Outside The Walls Acts 2:37-41
7:30 am worship Service
Download 03_3000_babies.mp3
05/29/2016Rev. Christopher Jarnegan A Basket of Grace
Outside The Walls Acts 9
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 05_a_basket_of_grace.mp3
04/19/2016Rev. Brett Snowden A Breath of Fresh Air
Spring Revival Ezekiel 37:1-6
7:00 pm Spring Revival
Download 05_Breath_of_Fresh_Air.mp3
03/12/2017Rev. Christopher Jarnegan A Coat of Favor
Our Stories Genesis 37:3-4, 42:6-8
10:00 am Worship Service
Download 05_A_Coat_of_Favor.mp3
07/08/2018Rev. Darryl Matthews A Committed Friend
We Believe Ruth 1:6-18
7:30 Worship Service
Download 04_A_Committed_Friend.mp3

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