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08/30/2015Rev. Kenneth Scarborough He's My Brother
Set Free Romans 8:12-17
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 04_he_s_my_brother.mp3
08/30/2015Rev. Christopher Jarnegan The Differences of The Spirit
Set Free Romans 8:5-13
10:00 AM Worship Service
Download 04_the_differences_in_the_spirir.mp3
08/23/2015Rev. Christopher Jarnegan Deliverance Of The Spirit Life
Set Free Romans 7:14-8:1-4
10:00 am Worship Service
Download 05_the_deliverence_if_the_spirit.mp3
08/23/2015Pastor Evan Burrows What's In Your Closet
Set Free Romans 7:14-8:4
7:30am Worship Service
Download 02_whats_in_your_closet.mp3
08/16/2015Rev. Christopher Jarnegan How We Lost Paradise
Set Free Romans 5:12-14
12:00 pm Worship Service
Download 04_how_we_lost_paradise.mp3
08/16/2015Pastor Evan Burrows Is There Really life After Death
Set Free Romans 5:12-21
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 04_is_there_really_life_after_death.mp3

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