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01/13/2019Pastor Evan Burrows Setup.exe
All in N/A
7:30 Worship Service
Download 04_Setup.exe.mp3
01/06/2019Pastor Evan Burrows A Man That Walks in Faith
All in Hebrews 11:8-10
7:30 Worship Service
Download 04_A_Man_That_Walks_in_Faith.mp3
12/30/2018Minister Lawrence Glover Put it in God's Hands
We Believe 2 Corinthians 4:7-10, 16-18
7:30 Worship Service
Download 04_Put_it_in_God_s_Hands.mp3
12/30/2018Rev. Anderson A Heavy Weight Battle but a Major Upset
We Believe 1 Samuel 17:1-9
10a Worship Service
Download 04_A_Heavy_Weight_Battle_but_a_Major_Upset.mp3
12/23/2018Pastor Evan Burrows Lessons From an Overlooked Father (Sermon)
We Believe Matthew 1:18-25
7:30 Sermon
Download 01_Lessons_From_an_Overlooked_Father.mp3
11/25/2018Pastor Evan Burrows Qualities of a Change Agent
We Believe Esther N/A
7:30 Worship Service
Download 06_Qualities_of_a_Change_Agent.mp3

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